About us


Thanakorn Paper Industry Co., Ltd.

Thanakorn Paper Industry Co., Ltd. commenced operations since 1976, the company is committed to producing good quality kraft paper. Standardized with good service, convenient, fast, on time and friendly price.

With the experience of the management with over 40 years of packaging services, we are experts in the production of crafty paper that is strong.

In addition, the company has established a paper quality inspection system. Corrugated box quality standards Is the main goal that the company focusing and dedicated to the development of production technology to progress continuously. We are aware of standard quality since the selection of good raw materials. Use modern machines As well as checking the quality and size of the box well before shipping. To give customers confidence in our products.

Vision & Mission

We aim to be the "Total Packaging Solution Provider" in order to create innovation and value in order to answer the needs of consumers, exporters, and related parties in a sustainable manner.
We give importance to the selection of quality materials and production procedures to the delivery of packaging so you can safely deliver the product to the destination consumer no damage.


We attach importance to the development of the highest quality products in parallel with environmental stewardship. We focus on efficient use of resources. Including waste management In order to recycle for maximum benefit The company is committed to produce quality products that meet standards, help conserve the environment and are responsible to society. By using raw materials from old waste paper (recycle paper) for pulp production using old paper Through the process of recycling into pulp Which is the main raw material for the production of kraft paper Recycling is the act of bringing unwanted things back to new heights. In order to help reduce waste, reduce logging, indirectly protect the environment

Quality Policy

  • Produce quality products that meet standards. With skilled personnel and quality raw materials selected through modern production technology under social consciousness and the environment.
  • Aware and understanding of customer needs with regard to creating maximum satisfaction With the value of goods and services.
  • Collaboration to develop quality systems throughout the organization based on knowledge. With an efficient information system.

About Corrugated Paper

Corrugated paper is considered a product of excellent design. For production And shipping The reason that corrugated paper Popular in the production of packaging due to its durability, can be used in a variety of ways, light weight, environmentally friendly, modern, can be adjusted to meet the needs. Can protect the product Able to print patterns for information and make them beautiful at an affordable price.

Packaging from Corrugated Paper

In North America corrugated boxes are popular for packing products. For delivery for almost all products for many reasons, such as excellent product protection capability, low cost, easy supply, low design costs to meet the needs of each product, there are other reasons such as.
Corrugated paper can protect the goods during delivery and can be adjusted to meet the needs of users In the event that the product has special requirements such as heavy weight, easily broken, or is a hazardous substance.
Corrugated paper is designed to be stacked together. It is able to withstand both top and side pressure, including testing the ability to withstand through-pressure.
Corrugated paper can be used in a variety of designs. Which can be cut and folded into various sizes and forms innumerable including being able to be printed to have a form beautiful colors with modern printing technology.
Corrugated paper is a strong packaging and able to print text and images on paper.
Corrugated paper has passed the impact test resistant to fall from high ground, resistant to vibration and can be considered as a package that has enough features for use in the transportation of goods.

Corrugated Products

Most of the corrugated paper is made from recyclable materials and often produced from scraps of used materials from humans the production of corrugated paper does not use toxic materials or destroy the ozone layer.

Current research and develop the capability of the corrugated market all the time to improve the properties ability of corrugated paper such as strength, printing ability, moisture resistance and to recycle.

Corrugated cardboard recycling
More than 74% of the products from corrugated paper are recycled. Making corrugated paper count as one of the packaging that has the highest recycling rate.

Structure of Corrugated Board

Corrugated sheet consists of two main components as follows
  • Liner Board - is a piece of smooth paper that is attached to a corrugated sheet.
  • Corrugated Medium - This is the part of paper that looks like waves and next to the liner board.