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The company has launched paper quality control system to ensure that paper quality will meet company’s standard in order to assure all customers of our intention to consistently maintain the quality of all products as well as to try to keep developing our products.

There are various quality control equipments in a laboratory of Thanakorn Paper Industry Co., Ltd. including:
1. Basic weight


Basis Weight (g/m2) – paper weight in grams per a square meter of paper, Basis Weight is important for selling/buying paper as increasing Basic Weight of a paper roll will decrease the length of the paper
2. Thickness
Thickness (mm.) - paper thickness in millimeter, Thickness affects the length of a paper roll as well as the strength of a paper box.

3. Moisture
Moisture (%) – weight of water in a specimen, calculated as percentage of the original weight of a specimen, presented in %

4. Ring Crush
Ring crush - an ability of a paper to resist a compression applied on the same plan until the paper edge is crushed, calculated in Kilogram-force per 6 inch (Kgf/6 inch) or Newton per 152.4 millimeter (N/152 mm)

5. Water absorption and Cobb value
Water absorption – time for a paper to absorb 0.05 cm3 of water, calculated in second (sec.)
Cobb value – the mass of water that 1 square meter of a specimen can absorb in a specific time, calculated in g/m2
6. Bursting strength

Bursting strength – an ability of a paper to resist pressure applied on a specimen with constantly increasing rate until a specimen is ruptured, calculated in Kilogram-force per square centimeter (Kgf/cm2) or kilopascal (KPa)